Visitors and Auditors

Basic information

Members of the community who are not enrolled as students in any college are invited to register as visitors in most lecture classes. Formal admission to the college is not required; however each visitor must obtain permission from the professor and register with the registrar’s office, before attending class. A student may not visit a course or course component that is by its nature practical or applied, such as applied music, ensembles, or a lab. The fee for each course visited is $55 for the semester, which includes campus parking privileges.

Students who are registered for 12-17 non-audit credits do not pay extra for any audited course. For students registered part time (0-5, or 6-11) or for an overload (18 or more) auditing a course costs half of the tuition rate. See financial services pages for tuition rates. Auditors must be formally admitted to the college.

The audited course is listed on the student’s academic transcript, but no credit is recorded. Auditors are expected to attend all classes and participate in the assigned activities of the class. They may take all tests and submit assigned papers for evaluation, but they are not required to do so. Auditors may change their registration from audit to credit only during the first nine weeks of the semester; students enrolled in a course for credit may change to audit only during the first nine weeks.



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