Interim Course

Basic information

Calvin is on a system under which students take only one three or four semester hour course during the three-week January term, commonly called interim. Most interim classes meet mornings or afternoons, but those involving laboratories and in-service experiences may require full-day participation. Because of their informal and intensive nature, most interim courses have enrollment limits. To meet requirements for a Calvin degree, students must complete at least three interim courses (a course, to meet the interim requirement must be at least three semester hours). Transfer students must complete one interim course for each year in attendance at Calvin and students may not take more than two interim courses in a single department. Interim courses are graded honors (H), satisfactory (S), or unsatisfactory (U), except those courses that satisfy core requirements and other specially designated courses, which are graded in the conventional A–F system. A number of one semester hour Physical Education and Recreation courses are also offered during interim. One of these may be taken in addition to the required three semester hour course.

Members of the community who are not enrolled as students in any college are invited to register as visitors in interim classes if the permission of the instructor is given. Formal admission to the college is not required, but each visitor must register with the registrar’s office before attending class. The fee for each course visited is $55, which includes campus parking privileges. This invitation to visitors extends to off-campus interim courses as well. However, professors leading off-campus courses give first priority to student enrollment; if space is available, visitors may register for the course and pay the costs associated with the off-campus interim and an additional administrative fee of $50.



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